Energy & Environment

Global energy demand is anticipated to increase by 50% over the next 25 years creating unprecedented opportunities.

Due to rising living standards and continued economic development, global energy demand is anticipated to increase by 50% over the next 25 years. Although meeting this scale of growth will be challenging, the task is compounded by the need to develop cleaner and more secure energy sources for the future.

We believe these factors create unprecedented opportunities across all sectors of the energy industry from new means of electricity generation (PV, solar thermal, wind, geothermal) and alternative fuel sources (biofuels and biomass) to enhanced hydrocarbon recovery. In addition, we see a growing need for new energy services, infrastructure and intelligent systems to efficiently distribute and manage these sources.

Although broad in scope and scale, the efficient use of resources is central to long-term economic development, corporate profitability and environmental wellbeing. In many ways, resource efficiency can be viewed as an alternative energy source with vast unrealized potential.

We believe that the application of new technologies and business models can create value for those who enable the efficient use of resources. Some areas where improved efficiency can create meaningful impact and value include industrial processes improvements, waste recovery, water monitoring and management, water purification, infrastructure and building systems.


Energy & Environment

Conservative exuberance.

The 50% decline in oil prices has shaken up the energy sector, with oil companies slashing investment in new exploration projects. However, the decline in price has raised wider questions about investment across the power sector, including gas and renewable energy.

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